Our story

Caring for others has been our family business for the past 30 years. As our loved ones grew older and daily chores became taxing for them, we were able to help ease their loads. At first it was a matter of everyone pitching in to help with the basics, such as meds, doctors visits, meals, etc. Eventually both my Babci and Great Grandma became seriously ill and their only wish was to remain in their own home. As a family, we were able to provide the 24-hour care needed to respect their wishes. They greatly appreciated that their lives did not have to be uprooted to a large nursing home.

Nothing made the desire for quality care more personal than when these two important women in our lives became ill and we were able to care for them. That was when Bridge Senior Care was conceived. My dad and I were moved to provide that same comfort and assistance to others who wish to remain in their own homes if possible or in a small, intimate home setting, like our assisted living home. We are proud that Bridge Senior Care is a family owned and locally operated company. We are committed to caring for your loved ones as we have our own.



"My husband had dementia for 10 years. When I needed night help for him, I was referred to Jena, she stayed up all night with him so I could get rest. What a blessing she was for us, I cannot say enough about the trust, loyalty, patience, compassion, and love she gave to both of us. With Jena, rest assured your love one is with the best."

-Linda A.

"Jena came to our family when we needed her the most. I first met Jena through my daughter. Once I decided Jena was a good fit, I introduced her to my dad. When my dad met Jena she got down to his level and introduced herself. My dad was immediately taken to her kindness and their conversation began. It was truly a perfect fit! Jena is so dedicated and enthusiastic about her care for the elderly. She is an amazing person with a definite purpose. We thank God for her and her passion is an exceptional gift. She is very knowledgeable and the confidence she had with my dad was outstanding! We are all so grateful Jena came into our lives. Whenever family or friends visited my dad she always respected their time and stepped aside, but was always close at hand. Even towards the end when things became very tough and emotional Jena was there to comfort my dad and our family. We wish Jena all our best with her new business, Bridge Senior Care, and know Jena will show her compassionate care to other individuals in need. It was always comforting to me to know that my dad always had the best care possible! Thank you Jena for all your hard work!"

- Susan L.


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